Tuesday, 25 October 2011

When working out how to create this painting and the portrait of 'Sophie' I looked at the work of Chuck Close. He uses a grid to create his large super realist portraits. Each of the squares in his grid is treated as a small painting which is a part of the whole portrait. I first came across his work when teaching my students at Northampton School For Girls.

 I try to treat each square of my works as small painting and use a photograph as a guide when applying the tones. I cut out each line of text and layer it into the grid until I have achieved a very close likeness to the square. I also need to consider the style or look I want to create as well as the form of the object being depicted. This means the type needs to be applied in the direction which is most appropriate to the form.

Detail of a Self Portrait by Artist Chuck Close
Each strip of text is glued in to create the painting on the grid.

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