Sunday, 30 October 2011

I have been thinking further about the back of the "Warhorse" painting recently. When I made my previous painting of "Sophie" I made the picture out of her favourite poems. On the back of the support I also added her postcards of paintings she that she admires or has personal interest in. These postcards, although hidden when mounted on the wall give insight into who "Sophie" is and can help to tell a story about her. One of her passions is for the Pre-Raphaelite artists story and their work.
The Back of "Sophie" painting.
As part of my project for "Warhorse" I have begun to research my own family history. Through doing this I want tell the story of how so many people were effected by War and had relatives who were in the conflict. The stories and connections that we still have and feel today, nearly a hundred years later,are still strong. The way World War One was recorded and is remembered through photographs, film, poetry, art, letters strenghtens this connection.

I will be adding the  research into my family to the back of the painting to illustrate this. It will be a way of bringing me closer to my family history.

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