Monday, 25 June 2012

Post War poets

Phillip Larkins poems - Church Going and Abade have interesting references to my last post as well as the 'human condition'

Honest Doubt: The History of an Epic Struggle

I have listening to a radio programme which is a series of lectures looking at doubt in faith. These talks link in with my own feelings about faith. I have been attending a Methodist church in my home town for about a year now. Although Christianity is new to me I realise the importance of not completely believing or honestly doubting my faith. I particularly identify the idea put forward that it is only through questioning faith with a certain 'dis-loyalty' that we can break from tradition put forward change. (one of my main concerns is low attendance at church and it not drawing people in) when things stay the same, as in a tradition it will eventually cease to work or break apart. It is the nature of the world that everything must change after all. So the importance of doubting and questioning something is important to make positive and challenging change.

Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Rainy weather!

Okay so it's been raining buckets, but there is still so much to look at outside! Also got myself a waterproof sketchbook, apparently you can go under water with it!! Hmmm.... I will have to test it very soon.

Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Cross Project

I have started a new project inspired by Salvador Dali's painting Christ of St. John of the Cross. I aim to make a text painting using text from revival stories, prayers, bible passages  to create an image using the cross. I am interested in the point of view Dali used of the cross -  which makes it look as if it is floating above the earth. I have started experimenting using photography as a starting point. Water could be used to distort the cross eventually or distort our view of it in some way. I am also interested in how water can be used symbolically to give meaning. For this reason I have started to work locally at the lakes using a cross as a motif to experiment with.

Here are the results so far....