Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Tonight I am to continue applying poems to my Warhorse artwork. I am currently using a selection of World War One poems to paint the whole of the image. Soon however I will be using more contemporary poems from recent conflicts to do the same thing. Anyway below is a picture of the  painting as it was last week. Generally I get on single row of 4cm squares completed every week across the image, I am working my way down from the centre to the bottom then up from the centre to the top later.

Alot of people say 'You must have alot of patience' and I suppose I must have some. But its actually really relaxing. I listen to music and am currently into audio books - so its more an escape and gives me a great a sense of well being. I love it! Everyone should have a shed to go in and 'just be'.

Here is a link to a film which shows my last painting of my girlfriend 'Sophie' which i completed early this year. It was painted using her favourite poems:

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