Sunday, 26 February 2012

Warhorse - the text painting is now completed!!!

Finally the painting I have been working on since August 2011 is completed! Last week the last text rows were added to the top of the image and the edges of the board covered. Since this time I have varnished the painting with UV protective gloss to help preserve and protect it for the future.

I hope my painting will initiailly have a strong impact on the people that view it but then after this draw them closer to study the way it has been made. The bottom half of the image is made from World War One poems and the top half from poems written during very recent wars or crisis.

This week I will be arranging to have the work framed (unglazed) before entering it this year to a number of national exhibitions. My ultimate goal would be to show this artwork at the Imperial War Museum in London or a show which gets lots of exposure. This way I could get the vital feedback that all artists relish but also it would perhaps get a message across. This message may be interpreted in many ways according to the person viewing the painting but by using poems from different eras one idea might be that the suffering endured during war is the same regardless of when or where it happens to take place.

Warhorse. By Jamie Poole 2012

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