Monday, 5 December 2011

Now working on the top of the paintnig.

Back again! The bottom half of the painting has now been done using world war one poems and I have moved to the top half where I am using words from contemporary poets. The very bottom row took an especailly long time because I have made that row both part of the overall picture and a 'read-able' text. So from one side of the painting to the other the viewer will be able to read a poem.

The Painting - showing the bottom half painted using World War One Poetry.

Here you can see the very bottom row and a hint of how the text can be 'read' across the painting.

The top half of the painting as I mentioned will use contemporary poems about today's conflicts. Once again these are written by the people who have experienced war and have been affected by war. It is interesting to see the similarities and differences in the poetry. These poems include -

Listen by Gillian Clarke, War on Terror by Fred D'Aguiar, Untidiness by Amanda Dalton, Big Ask by Carol Ann Duffy (In memory of Adrian Mitchell), The Grassington Mandala by Ian Duhig,  Landlock by Matthew Hollis, Descent by Alan Jenkins, Inquiry by Carola Luther, After the Stealth Bomber by Robert Minhinnick (Umm Ghada at the Amiriya Bunker), Afghanistan by Paul Muldoon, Have I Got Old News For You by Daljit Nagra, Of Course If I Can Help in Any Way by Sean O'Brien, Battle Lines by Carole Satyamurti, St Brides by Jo Shapcott, It could have been by Clare Shaw, Poppies by Jane Weir.  

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